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Random Quote Machine
Show the Local Weather
Build a Wikipedia Viewer
Use the Twitch.tv JSON API
Build a JavaScript Calculator
Build a Pomodoro Clock
Build a Tic Tac Toe Game
Build a Simon Game
Build a Markdown Previewer
Build a Camper Leaderboard
Build a Recipe Box
Build the Game of Life
Build a Roguelike Dungeon Crawler
Visualize Data with a Bar Chart
Visualize Data with a Scatterplot Graph
Visualize Data with a Heat Map
Show National Contiguity with a Force Directed Graph
Map Data Across the Globe
Timestamp Microservice
Request Header Parser Microservice
URL Shortener Microservice
Image Search Abstraction Layer
File Metadata Microservice
Build a Voting App
Build a Nightlife Coordination App
Chart the Stock Market
Manage a Book Trading Club
Build a Pinterest Clone